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Hello! Welcome to my portfolio. Take a seat, it’s about to get good.

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Ashleigh Lynn Johnson. I am a strategic communications major in the school of Journalism at KU, with a minor in women’s and gender studies. I am a firm believer of the work hard-play hard mentality, a coffee enthusiast, and find myself lost in conspiracy theories from time to time. I have many years of experience in the service industry which has taught me patience, the value of kindness, and the importance of time management. I enjoy reading poetry, thrift shopping, any means of self-expression, Pinterest, and giving snugs to my cat, Spaz. Ultimately, I’m an old soul looking to extend my collegiate identity into media and communication. My goal is to emphasize the crucial role that societal norms and mass media play in the recognition (or lack thereof) of women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

Ok, find your way to a fresh pot of coffee and a comfy chair – now it’s about to get good.

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My work

Researching a local issue

When Will University Students Get Campus Access to the Vaccine?

Scenario: A local radio news show is going to devote a 60-minute episode to college and universities’ vaccine implications. As an assistant producer, you need to research and plan the episode. The episode will consist of three blocks: background information, national context, scholarly research and data.

Skills used for completion

  • Find information about a local issue 
  • Use of search operators and similar terms
  • Search news aggregators and databases 
  • Search scholarly articles
  • Search for public data and records
  • Create a graph using statistics from a spreadsheet
  • Document how I searched for and found information
  • Identify credibility cues
  • Four-step evaluation process of each source 
  • Synthesize the information found
  • Find and list potential interviewees
  • Attribute all information to the appropriate sources with embedded links
  • Cater data to the specified audience and purpose of the episode plan